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MTN Educare Programmes

The primary objective for EDUCARE is to bring improved student learning  and better teaching methods to all students through the available ICT tools:

MTN Educare Radio- It’s a programme that started in 2015. It’s objective is to offer revision to Science and Maths through radio for students sitting for the external examinations. The radio option was noted to be one medium that reaches mass groups and also accessible to many.


MTN Educare Website- This medium has made available educational content for  Science and Maths students in the likes of past examination papers. Also for out of school youth scholarship opportunities from all around the world have been made available


MTN Educare TV-  This programme is aimed at airing videos for Science and Maths.This allows the student to see the teacher and follow the lesson more easily, since it shows the actual picture, i.e experiments, formulas.

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