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Deadline: 31 January 2021


The University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science is offering the Alice Brown PHD Scholarship which covers full payment of PhD tuition fees and provides an annual stipend of £10,000 each year. All PhD students in the School of Social and Political Science can apply to the PhD Research Support Fund for help with fieldwork and other research-related costs throughout their period of study.

In combination with their research methods training, subject specific training, and doctoral studies successful candidates will also work with supervisors, the Student Development Office, and the Alice Brown Scholarship Programme Coordinator to participate in a comprehensive ongoing programme of professional development.

There will be a particular emphasis on digital skills, including the opportunity to develop expertise in online design and content creation and blended learning. Successful candidates will also work with the Graduate School and relevant research clusters/centres to gain professional academic skills, and hands-on experience of knowledge exchange and public engagement activities with communities, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

Within their programme of training, successful candidates are expected to contribute to the School’s strategic aims. This could be through participating in digital skills development, contributing to efforts to widen participation and access to higher education for students from non-traditional backgrounds or other development activities.

In combination with their time commitment on studies, training, and participation, scholarship holders will be expected to take up paid work opportunities in teaching and research assistance, to gain experience and consolidate their training.

The 6-year programme of combined PhD study and development activity will require a high level of personal commitment and engagement, in addition to the potential to undertake cutting-edge research in the social and political sciences. While the skills gained during the programme will have wide applicability, the studentship is especially intended for those who envisage an academic career, and have a passion for advanced teaching and learning. The aim is to support scholarship holders not only towards the attainment of a PhD qualification, but to equip them by the end of their programme of study with the skills and knowledge required to be competitive in the 21st century academic labour market.


This scholarship is open to applicants who have applied to a part-time PhD programme commencing 2021-2022 in one of the following broad subject areas

Applicants who have applied for a full-time PhD programme in one of these subject areas may also apply but will have to change their programme of study to part-time if selected. First year part-time PhD students already at the School of Social and Political Science may apply and funding would be provided to the completion of the 6-year part-time programme. Full-time first-year students may also apply if they convert to part-time study on award of the scholarship.

Your submission infers your confirmation that you meet the eligibility criteria for part-time study.

If you are unable to access the scholarship application system following your PhD programme application submission, please email PG Research to advise your University Username (UUN eg s1234567), your visa type, and that you wish to apply for the Alice Brown Scholarship.


A first class honours degree (or equivalent) in a subject relevant to the studentship OR a taught MSc degree at distinction level in a subject relevant to the studentship - these qualifications can be either achieved or anticipated. As comprehensive research training is integrated in the programme of this PhD, there will be no automatic preference given to those holding MSc qualifications covering research training. Applications are encouraged from those nearing the end of an undergraduate degree in a subject relevant to the scholarship.


Eligible applicants should complete an online scholarship application. The scholarship deadline is 23:59 GMT 04th February 2021. In order to gain access to the scholarship application system applicants must have applied for admission to the University of Edinburgh. Please note that, following the submission of an application for admission, it can take up to ten working days for all system checks to be completed and for access to be granted. The online scholarship application form is located in EUCLID and can be accessed via MyEd our web based information portal at When logging in to MyEd, you will need your University User Name and password. If you require assistance, please go to

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