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The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s primary focus is on cultivating an association of high-impact entrepreneurs capable of creating long-term employment and significant economic upliftment in communities, cities and countries with meaningful job creation. However, formal education is believed to be a critical element of this journey as it has been proven that individuals who have a tertiary education are more likely to succeed as high-impact entrepreneurs.

Scholarship recipients, known as Candidate Allan Gray Fellows, receive a scholarship for university in addition to access to support and development to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. All shortlisted candidates are required to have independently written the National Benchmark Tests (NBT) (AQL and Maths) by 30 September 2020. Additional information on the National Benchmark Tests can be obtained from your school, or by calling +27 (021) 650 3523. Failure to write NBT by the stipulated dates will exclude you from the selection process.


The scholarship provides access to quality tertiary education opportunities as part of our belief, which has been supported by research, that there is an increased possibility of success when entrepreneurs have a concrete foundation in their education. The benefits are:

  • Full cost of university tuition which you do not pay back

  • Full cost of university accommodation plus meals, books and tutor allowances

  • A monthly living stipend

  • Academic support and access to an entrepreneurial and personal development programme

  • Mentorship, both from individually assigned Foundation-employed staff, as well as business mentors

  • Access to potential postgraduate funding for graduate Candidate Fellows

These are the partner universities where students can study with this scholarship:

  1. Rhodes University

  2. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  3. University of the Free State

  4. University of Johannesburg

  5. University of Pretoria

  6. University of the Witwatersrand

  7. University of KwaZulu-Natal

  8. University of Cape Town

  9. University of the Western Cape

  10. Stellenbosch University


Applicants must be AS, A LEVELS, matric, IB, 1st year UNESWA with:

  • Minimum C in Mathematics and 65% overall

  • Completion of the National Benchmark Test by 30 September 2020

  • Applicants must be under the age of 21 in the year of their application

  • The application closing date is 31 July 2020

  • Eswatini citizenship

  • Intention to study towards a Commerce, Science, Engineering, Law, Humanities or Health Science(Excluding Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry)

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