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Ashesi was established as an independent, public benefit education institution operating on a not-for-profit basis. The university obtained accreditation from the National Accreditation Board (NAB) in September 2001 to operate under the mentorship of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), with degrees conferred by UCC. Ashesi began instruction on 4th March 2002. Ashesi University received a Presidential Charter from the President of Ghana, effective January 2018, making it an independent university that confers its own degrees. Scholarship cover varies, based on demonstrated need. Ashesi's scholarships can cover a part of tuition fees, or at the entire cost of studying at Ashesi. Some categories of scholarships cover not only the full tuition, but also cover housing, meals on campus, learning materials, and support for basic living expenses. Applicants who are awarded scholarships will be informed of the conditions of their scholarship, in their admissions package. These are the academic programs available at Ashesi:

  • BSc Business Administration

  • BSc Management Information Systems

  • BSc Computer Science

  • BSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • BSc Computer Engineering

  • BSc Mechanical Engineering

At the heart of the Ashesi Education is a multidisciplinary core curriculum that develops critical thinking, creative problem solving, ethical reasoning, and effective communication skills. The combination of the core curriculum and a rigorous preparation in a major field of study prepares students to thrive and to lead in a rapidly changing world.

Admission Requirements

Six IGCSE (G.C.E. O-Level) passes including Mathematics, English, and Science are required together with at least three ‘A’ Level passes (with grade A-D). In addition, here are other requirements:

  • Proof of academic ability

  • In order for an application to stand out, prospective students must place an emphasis on sharing information with us that highlights their character and personality. Did you actively play any sport in high school? Were you a member of the debate club? Did you do some work when you were not in school? Applicants must share as much of these experiences as possible.

  • Student ambition, and an openness to engage the unfamiliar.

  • A demonstrated interest in engaging outside the classroom.

  • Desire to help others and contribute to solving problems.

  • Willingness to engage opportunities and help create them.

Requirements For Engineering Students

  • A-Level: Three A-Level passes (A-D) including Mathematics and Physics, and six IGCSE (G.C.E. O-Level) passes including Mathematics, English, and Science are required for admission to Ashesi.  A grade of D or better in Further Mathematics instead of Mathematics is also acceptable for entry as a prospective engineering major.

Transfer Students

Starting in 2018, Ashesi accept applications from students who are interested in transferring to Ashesi from other universities. Transfer student applications will be processed on a case-by-case basis by the admissions office and academic departments, and students who are admitted may be eligible to have one year of study waived at Ashesi. In order to secure admission, candidates looking to transfer must provide official transcripts from each college or university attended. It is your responsibility to ensure that Ashesi has received an official transcript from each institution attended in order to complete your application.

How To Apply

  1. Download, print and complete a paper-based application on

  2. Fill out an online application:

  3. Pay $50 application fee for international applicants

  4. Submit your application by scanning and emailing it to or send it through the post to Admissions Office, Ashesi University College, PMB CT3, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

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