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The Government of Eswatini, in pursuit of equity in the use of resources in the education sector and the development of the Eswatini economy, continues to provide scholarship loans to students wishing to undertake tertiary education studies in recognized tertiary institutions in Eswatini and as well other African Universities and overseas countries ( mainly through Joint Bilateral Agreements with various countries). The government has announced an online application for this scholarship which can be found and completed here: WWW.SLAS.GOV.SZ

Application Procedure

ALL STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT THEIR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION ONLINE. The procedure for applying for scholarship loan is generally the same, whether the student wishes to study in the country, in South Africa or in other recognized Universities. It is slightly different when the student intends to study abroad, under the Joint Bilateral Agreement programme. However, in all cases the process involves three major steps, which are as follows:-

(i) Completion of Scholarship Application Form

(ii) Applying and getting a written acceptance letter from a recognized tertiary institution

Students are cautioned to start as early as possible to complete the form as it involves consultations with and endorsement of several key witnesses such as the Chief or Indvuna of the students. Students are expected to submit the Application form ONLINE , with all the necessary attachments by the 3 June of each year (if requiring scholarships to study in local institutions) or 31st December of each year for those requiring scholarship to study in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

All Scholarship Application Forms should be accompanied by the following attachments:

  1. Scanned acceptance letter

  2. Certified copies of the applicant’s I.D. Card or Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  3. Your family details including father and mother’s national ID, and one of your parents must be an Eswatini citizen

  4. Your personal information

  5. Past educational details including the name of all institutions, subjects, grades, and scanned copy of reports

  6. Your Graded Tax Certificate

  7. During the application, you may be asked questions regarding your socio-economic state

  8. Two references, including an academic one, who are citizens of Eswatini; you must have their ID and contact information

  9. It is imperative to save after every step of the application process otherwise you will lose all information

  10. Once you submit any information you cannot go back and change it

  11. Remember the four digit code at the end of your application so you can access it

  12. Be careful when submitting you personal information and ensure you are using safe browsing methods


  1. UNESWA (degree): Agriculture, Commerce, Health Science, Education, Humanities, Science, Social Science, Social Work

  2. ECOT (diploma): Architecture, automotive, building studies, civil engineering, computer science, electronics and electrical engineering, hospitality and tourism, HR, office management, panel beating, quantity surveying, teaching, telecommunications

  3. SANU (diploma and degree): medical laboratory science, nursing and midwifery, pharmacy, primary teaching

  4. WILLIAM PITCHER TEACHER TRAINING COLLEGE (diploma): primary and secondary teaching

  5. NGWANE TEACHERS COLLEGE (diploma): early childhood care and development music, primary teaching

  6. GOOD SHEPHERD NURSING COLLEGE (diploma): general nursing, pharmacy

  7. EMCU (degree): computer science, medical laboratory science, nursing science, pharmacy, psychology and counselling, radiography, social work

  8. LIMKOKWING (associate degree*): architectural technology, business information technology, business management, creative multimedia, events management, graphic design, hotel management, information technology, international tourism, music design, public relations, TV and film production

  9. VOCTIM (diploma): building construction, business finance and accounting, carpentry, electrical installation, mechanical and manufacturing engineering, motor vehicle engineering, plumbing

*An associate degree is equivalent to a diploma.



The Government of Swaziland recognizes the following Universities in South Africa and the rest of Africa:

  • Tshwane University of Technology

  • University of North West, Vaal University of Technology

  • University of Johannesburg

  • Stellenbosch University, Rhodes University

  • University of KwaZulu Natal

  • University of Witwatersrand

  • University of Cape Town

  • University of Limpopo (Medunsa)

  • University of Pretoria

  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan

  • University of Fort Hare and all Universities in the other SADC countries.


  1. Students who do not meet the entry requirements for local tertiary institutions will not be considered for a scholarship award to study in South Africa, in Africa and abroad

  2. No student shall be awarded a scholarship before or without appearing before the Scholarship Selection Board.

  3. Only O’ Level, SGCSE, HIGSCE, Matric and or A’ Level results shall be considered for scholarship award and a point system shall be used to grade students according to performance.

  4. The basic minimum requirements for scholarship award shall be five (5) credits obtained in not more than two sittings for both Diploma and Degree courses offered locally, in South Africa, the rest of Africa and abroad.

  5. Entry qualifications obtained more than five (5) years ago will not be considered for award of scholarship. In addition, no scholarship will be awarded to mature entry students.

  6. Scholarships shall be for the programme/course and duration approved as indicated in the Study Loan Agreement Form

  7. Students who wish to change programmes shall be required to appear before the Scholarship Selection Board.



CONTACT: 2404 2515

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