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The Knowledge Institute and the Alliance Francaise will be hosting a discussion this Friday, 6 November 2020 at 2.30pm on zoom, to assist candidates who want to pursue their Masters or PhD studies in France. This is following an expansion of the French Government scholarship to include scholars from Eswatini, from the 2021 academic year. This discussion will cover the application process, course selection for programs in English, university selection, finding a thesis supervisor in France, scholarship benefits including accommodation, research grants, living costs and stipends available, and others. Interested participants must RSVP to receive the zoom link on

There are over 280 available English taught programs are in the fields of:

  1. Business management

  2. Tourism, hotel and catering management

  3. Sciences, environment and health

  4. Agriculture and agroindustry

  5. Mathematics

  6. Engineering and technology

  7. Law and economics

  8. Humanities, languages, literature

  9. Architecture, arts, design and fashion


All programs are eligible for this scholarship. In addition, candidates must also have:

  1. Masters scholarship: B2 in French for French language taught programs, and A2 in French plus B2 in English or Equivalent for English taught programs.

  2. Doctorate scholarship: C1 in French for French-taught programs, and A2 in French plus C1 or Equivalent in English for English taught programs.

In addition, candidates must demonstrate:

● The excellence of your former studies (results, involvement in research or conference programs, publications, etc.).

● A clear research project in accordance to your academic/professional background

● A coherent professional project in Eswatini. A formal commitment by the student to come back to Eswatini in order to work in a university or an institution in the country is highly appreciated

● Proof that you have already identified or are actively looking for a thesis supervisor or a university would be highly valuable.


To find out about the university courses available in France, visit the Campus France catalogs of courses available at master's level and refine your search by keywords, fields or regions. Courses in French can be found here:, and courses in English can be found here: http: //taughtie.campusfrance .org /. For all information on university studies in France, visit this website here:

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