The ALU School of Business Chairman’s Scholarship seeks to celebrate leadership in the private or public sector by recognizing African business leaders with a track record of leading both in the workplace and the community. The ALUSB MBA is designed for ambitious, working professionals aspiring to catalyse prosperity, lead change and drive impact across the African continent. We employ a holistic admissions process examining your academic achievements, work experience, professional aspirations and leadership potential, in order to understand how you might benefit from the ALUSB MBA, make your impact to the world and contribute to the ALUSB community.


WORK EXPERIENCE: We generally require that applicants have at least 5 years of substantive, postgraduate work experience, evidencing career progression. This programme is for working professionals, therefore we expect that you are professionally occupied for the duration of this programme.

LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: A dynamic career that demonstrates career progression speaks to leadership potential. We also look for opportunities that you have taken to lead throughout your academic and professional experience.

INTELLECTUAL PREPAREDNESS: We look for students who demonstrate high analytical aptitude and an ability to rapidly master new concepts.

COMMITMENT: The ALUSB MBA is a demanding, 20-month programme. It will take grit and discipline to complete. Expect to commit 15-20 hours per week to your studies during online periods. Much emphasis is placed on group work and peer learning. We therefore expect every member of the ALUSB community to be a team-player; hardworking and committed to delivering excellence to their teams.


APPLY: https://mba.alusb.com/admissions/

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